With the growth of electronic medical record systems, many clinics, hospitals and small practices have turned to voice recognition proofreading software. Voice recognition software can catch 80% of most words, and it does not handle grammar, punctuation or formatting for you.

This is where voice recognition editing at Ditto Transcripts comes into play. Our team of highly trained editors and medical transcriptionists are ready to jump in and save you tons of time and money. Transcriptions are still a necessity in the medical industry, so relying solely on voice-to-text software for all medical dictation simply should never happen. We are pleased to offer voice recognition editing services to help you get the most out of your software without wasting your time.

Our VR editing services will not only ensure our standard 99% accuracy, but they will also put those documents into the correct templates and formats.

EHR and EMR Editing Capabilities

Cookie-cutter editing is nowhere to be found at Ditto Transcripts. Our trained voice recognition editing team will provide customized editing to your exact specifications. Front-end speech recognition editing, in which the doctor makes changes to their dictation style, will take time away from doctors as they burn hours editing their own files while they dictate.

Back-end voice recognition editing right inside your EMR or EHR is where Ditto Transcripts comes in and helps you gain the most efficiency out of that software. Through back-end voice recognition editing, the doctor does not need to make any changes to their dictation habits. scription Outsourcing can save you time and money.

Our trained medical VR editing team will completely edit the document after the software has produced the report. This allows hospitals, clinics, small practices and everything in between to get all the benefits of their software.

Ditto will provide you with the best voice-to-text editing service that will allow you to make a smooth transition from traditional transcription to an EMR. We can even securely interface with your EMR system to edit and deliver accurate documents. We take great pride in being healthcare documentation specialists who have a knack for speech recognition editing skills and quality documentation.

Looking for another specialty area of medical transcription? Simply return to our medical transcription services page. Ditto Transcripts specialties are listed there. Or call our Denver, Colorado, office at (720) 287-3710 to discuss your voice-to-text editing services options.

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