Quick history trivia: Closed captions began in 1973 on PBS broadcasts. Today, it’s hard to imagine a world without it. Think about all the restaurants, bars, businesses and gyms that have multiple TVs. People in those facilities can all enjoy various shows at once with the help of closed captions. Whether your show is on cable or for a local project, Ditto Transcripts video transcription service is an absolute must.

All the benefits of videos with closed captioning:

  • Broadens your audience to those who are deaf or hard of hearing
  • Viewers can watch videos in places where the audio is unavailable
  • Archive video content for the future in a searchable format
  • Protects you from disability discrimination laws
  • Captions are extremely helpful for learning

Improve User Experience with Our Video Transcription

Those that utilize our video transcription service have a higher chance at user engagement. In fact, studies have shown that those who include closed captions in their videos had a 40% increase in views. Also, videos that have closed captions have an 80% chance of people viewing the video all the way to the end. Who wouldn’t want people to watch their entire video no matter how long it is? Our video transcription service will make that happen for you.

When you choose to add closed captioning to your videos with our video transcription service, you also create a better online presence. With the written word now associated with your video, it will appear in search engines because Google can now index it. With the help of search engine optimization, people are more likely to come across your video when you utilize our video transcription services when you post them online. Furthermore, if you need marketing material for your company, the transcripts of your videos make for a quick way to have quotes to post on social media.

We understand the cost of making videos is very expensive. We also understand that the cost increases as production time goes on. Fortunately, our video transcription service gives you quality content at a reasonable price. Best of all, we will quickly return your high-quality video transcripts so you can continue on with the video editing and production process. Please feel free to ask us for references and we would be happy to provide you with some client recommendations.

After we provide you with your needed video transcription service, your file can be converted into an SRT file and used for closed captioning as well. Check out our general transcription page if you are looking for anything we haven’t mentioned here.

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