Rare is the day when you get a perfect recording. You’ve heard all the little hiccups, including ums, ahs, stutters, uh-huhs, uh-uhs, laughs and background noise. Verbatim transcription services from Ditto Transcripts captures all of these and gives you the option to specify what words or noises you want left in and which ones are not important at all. We make the document the way you want it.

We refer to a non-verbatim transcript as a cleaned-up verbatim transcript without any grammatical errors. These transcripts remove all of the ums, ahs, stutters, false starts, coughs and laughs. It looks cleaner and reads much smoother and faster.

Ditto Transcripts’ trained team of professional transcription experts recognizes that verbatim transcripts are used not only to record what was said, but also the feelings and thought patterns from each speaker as well. By having a verbatim transcript, you’ll be able to read and understand the speech patterns and context of the audio file just as if you were there in person.

Do keep in mind: Flawless transcriptions are not usually permitted in court. When having a written record of exactly what was said is important for your file, case, trial or defense, you can trust us to produce highly accurate (99%) verbatim transcripts for you and your clients. Whether you are a court system, law firm or individual, we can provide the accurate transcripts you’re looking for.

Since verbatim transcription is often used in making court or case decisions or in the appeals process, the smallest error can cause dangerous results. To avoid this, our transcription process includes a strict quality assurance check on each file to ensure the highest level of accuracy possible. We also use native English speakers based in the U.S. Oftentimes, we use specific transcriptionists within the region the file comes from so that we don’t miss a thing. We know Northeastern and Southern accents can be a touch tricky.

Let’s take a look at an example. Every um and uh is here in this transcription.

The original version:

The cleaned-up version minus the filler words:

For any court transcripts, depositions and interviews, using a verbatim transcription service ensures there is no guessing at what was said. Trust Ditto Transcripts to produce these important documents for your file or case quickly and accurately.

If you require references, just ask. We’ll be glad to give you as many as you need. We stand behind our work and will be glad to give you names and numbers so you can call and speak with our clients yourself.

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