An extremely high level of precision and attention to detail cannot waver during a trial. Audio in court trials can also be chaotic. This is no time for a green transcription team. You need a transcription company with experience.

Ditto Transcript’s expertise gives you the confidence that your trial transcripts will be produced accurately with quick turnaround times to help you prepare for your legal proceedings. Going with our professional transcriptionists provides you with greater cost savings as we are almost always 50% cheaper than a court reporter and without a doubt 100% faster than a court reporter.

Trials, as you know, will sometimes involve multiple people speaking at the same time or speaking over each other. Identifying various speakers that object or interrupt, varied accents and sometimes intense arguments between different people in the court are all part of our transcription expertise.

At Ditto Transcripts, our trained trial transcriptionists and account managers are well versed in legal vocabulary and the standard procedure of trials and the court, helping to create a meticulous transcript from even the most difficult recording.

We Will Certify Your Trial Transcripts

Ditto Transcripts understands that accuracy is key in the legal transcription industry as any mistake in the transcript could affect the trial or appeal outcome. Our legal transcription team lead and your dedicated account manager will proofread each file to ensure quality, formatting transcription standards, grammatical correctness, all to provide you accurate trial transcriptions.

A good trial transcript should give you a picture of exactly what happened in the courtroom. Trust Ditto Transcripts to produce these important trial transcriptions to your specific standards. We have experience and the know-how with many different court requirements and will use the correct templates or formats at no additional cost or fee. If at any time you would like to speak with our trial transcription references, please ask and we will provide them. We stand behind our work and will be happy to provide references.

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