Documented vs. Disarray

Inspired church sermon. College courses. Handwritten letters from soldiers. If it’s important to you to preserve, it’s important to us.

Our experienced transcription here at Ditto Transcripts are ready to deliver general transcription services meet the standards you set.

For all those looking for general transcription services, Ditto Transcripts delivers:

  • Unmatched transcription experience hitting the highest quality
  • 99% accuracy for all general transcriptions and to your formatting specifications and requirements
  • U.S.-based to ensure document quality and confidentiality of recordings and transcripts
  • All transcriptionists undergo extensive screening, testing and criminal background check prior to hire
  • Rapid turnaround times, meeting specific times from four hours for rush files up to 6‒10 business days
  • Toll-free telephone dictation, telephone support and free iPhone app
  • Unlimited customer support services
  • No long-term contract required

We make documenting your notes a reality because we dream in QWERTY.

Copy typing AKA document-to-document transcription transforms your memoirs and stories into clean, readable, high-quality documents. Easy to edit. Easy to share. Easy to search.

Same goes for audio files, whether they are CDs, digital files, cassettes or microcassettes.

Satisfied transcription service seekers 101. (Not a real course, just real clients).

General transcription services, with pretty specific offerings.

General transcription for business calls
Online transcription services
Conference call transcription
Audio transcription services
Document-to-document transcription
Dictation transcription services
Business meeting transcription
Focus group transcription
Market research transcription
Insurance transcription

Interview transcription
YouTube transcription services
Online video transcription
Podcast transcription services
Video transcription service and captions
Thesis notes

Academic transcription services
Transcribe audio to text
Transcribe video to text
Copy typing services
Typing services
Research transcription services
And more

Ready for easier, more accurate transcription?

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We take all your good words seriously.
Even the ones describing us.

Jerry Yudelson

Great job: fast turnaround, incredibly accurate,
reasonably priced!

Paula Shapiro

Great service.

Sam Bartolone

Working production I needed a company to transcribe both interviews and field footage. Ben quoted me a price that was below what we had previously been paying and then followed through with quick and effective work. Definitely recommend for Production Companies!

Jamie Tamishiro

Magical Elves, Inc.

Look no further, because there is a better way! we uses to have to spend hours editing and formatting transcripts we got back from other companies. Ditto gives us back perfectly formatted and accurate transcripts were can use right away.