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Transcribing audio files to text is no cakewalk. It’s exhausting. It’s a painful process. Just the very idea of rewinding your audio over and over to capture every word verbatim eats into your workday.

Even if you use dictation software or resort to overseas services, the risk of a poorly transcribed audio file rises. Ditto Transcripts gets it. Our team of dedicated transcriptionists can get back a 99% accurate transcript as we transcribe your audio to text.

Suppose you’re writing a book or dissertation. You have a head start as you can revisit your thoughts in a document, highlight key points, or search for what you said during the recording without having to listen to every single word.

With Ditto Transcripts, our turnaround options accommodate your schedule of one‒two business days, three‒five business days or six‒10 business days. It’s a point our customers love and appreciate.

Experience You Need and Deserve

At first, some content producers are cautious when they decide to hand over their audio to a transcriptionist, and understandably so. If the audio files contain private matters, you may be hesitant to ask someone to transcribe it for you. That’s not the case with Ditto Transcripts.

In our experience the past 12-plus years with legal transcription and medical transcription services, we know the importance of confidentiality. No matter the subject of the audio file you give us, we hold our customers’ privacy to the highest degree and have security in place to ensure your privacy.

Ditto Transcripts is more than happy to sign and provide you with an NDA and confidentiality agreements to give you comfort and confidence. We also have general liability insurance as well as cyber liability insurance. Our online platform is HIPAA and CJIS compliant.

Rather than worrying about going through the hassle to transcribe audio to text alone, work with Ditto Transcripts. We make transcribing your audio files a breeze. All you do is upload or send in the recording and leave the rest to us. Stop spending hours revisiting audio files when we could start doing the work for you.

Ditto Transcripts handles anything to everything to ensure accurate, timely and affordable documents for your projects. Learn more by connecting with us at (720) 287-3710.

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