Psychiatry is one of the medical fields where taking notes is most certainly the norm. And we know accuracy and security are of the utmost importance when choosing your psychiatry transcription services. You can trust Ditto Transcripts’ psychiatry transcription team with transcribing your psychiatric reports. Our medical transcriptionists specialize in mental health evaluations, psychiatric consultations, medication management notes, intake reports, progress notes, clinical and forensic assessments and multidisciplinary assessments, and more. All to provide you with comprehensive transcription solutions.

In addition, our dictation options make it easy for mental health professionals to dictate their psychiatry transcription notes whenever and wherever they are. They can choose between using a digital voice recorder, a toll-free dictation number or our free iPhone app.

Our online platform is fully secure and HIPAA compliant, and it allows for different access levels for users. The platform also has a detailed tracking report that records who accessed each file and what they did with it. This ensures your sensitive psychiatry reports are not accessed by any unauthorized users.

Customized Templates and Formatting

Our health transcription service provide pride themselves on being a flexible and an accommodating psychiatry transcription service company. We can support multiple template types, encourage the use of canned phrases or macros to save you time. Our transcription quality assurance protocols ensure that your notes are always accurate. We can accommodate urgent or stat requests for your most important reports. Our baseline quality standard for psychiatry transcription is 99%, well above the industry standard.

Sounds too good to be true, and it’s not. We will be more than happy to give you the names and numbers of our references so you can find out for yourself before taking us up on our no obligation free trial for psychiatry transcription services. We have solo practitioners, mental health hospitals and government agencies that work with addiction, all the way to sleep and forensic psychiatry.

Looking for another specialty area of medical transcription? Simply return to our medical transcription services page. Ditto Transcripts specialties are listed there. Feel free to call our Denver, Colorado, office at (720) 287-3710 to discuss your transcription services options.

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