As the need for digitization grows, we know that data security becomes an increasingly complex challenge. Preserving the confidentiality of protected information is imperative if you want to maintain a competitive industry edge, avoid potentially catastrophic legal exposure, and retain the trust of your clients and customers.

At Ditto Transcripts, we believe nothing’s more important than the security of your transcriptions. Our on-site confidential, professional transcription services are that high-quality solution when you need more security than remote transcriptions allow. Ditto prioritizes confidentiality and properly handles your sensitive information. Keep data protected from premature or unauthorized disclosure and stay within compliance of HIPPA, CJIS and other regulations with our trusted on-site confidential transcription services.

From accurate transcription records of weekly corporate board meetings to records backlog, our experienced team of transcriptionists provides contract transcription services for any industry out there.

Our team’s flexibility meets a wide range of unique on-site transcribing needs, from one-time assignments to contract projects lasting several months. You may be looking to transcribe or turn a large volume of sensitive records on-site into digital files. We can offer additional support to your medical scribes or court reporters, transcribe sensitive law enforcement interviews or notes for a high-profile case, or we can create an accurate record of meetings, calls or interviews right there on-site for you. All situations are possible.

On top of all we offer, on-site transcription saves time and resources with attention to your bottom line. We offer competitive, transparent pricing—far below what you’d pay to staff someone in-house. Our experienced transcriptionists also adapt to your specific project. Our professionals arrive equipped with all the necessary technology to handle your audio and digital formats or can easily step in to use what’s provided by your organization for maximum security.

Because we recognize that on-site business transcription needs may not always fit neatly into the window between nine to five, our transcriptionists are available on an as-needed basis., including outside of standard business hours. Receive high-quality transcription with precision accuracy, no matter if you’re looking to cover a single meeting or a lengthy, ongoing data-entry project.

Ditto Transcripts provides expert on-site confidential transcription services on a contract basis for law enforcement, legal professionals, the medical field, news and media organizations, and general business purposes.

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