Anyone can use Ditto Transcripts online transcription services. We’ve typed for universities, meetings at large corporations, small real estate firms and Fortune 100 companies. Our online transcribing services are easy to use and can be customized for pretty much any scenario you can imagine. We can also certify your transcripts, if you require that. We don’t require a long-term contract, and you only pay for the online transcription services we process for you.

You can upload your audio files or video files to Ditto Transcripts through our encrypted HIPAA- and CJIS-complaint web platform, use our toll-free call-in number, or use our free iPhone app. If at any time you need a rush request, please call, email or text our office and your dedicated team lead transcriptionist will get it taken care of as soon as possible.

Ditto Transcripts human transcribers are experts in both audio and copy typing transcription services. Our highly trained online transcription team has transcribed audio CDs, handwritten memoirs, PDF files, cassette tape recordings, video content, video interviews, podcasts, government meetings, conference calls, focus groups, and more.

If your medical office, government agency or law firm has a cloud-based storage service, we can integrate directly into it with an API. This way, you can have the finalized transcripts sent directly to the place you need.

We have the ability to interface with AllScripts, Centricity, Cerner, and NextGen, to name a few. We can also VPN directly into your system and transcribe right there as if we were down the hall from you.

Using our online transcription services makes a ton of sense if you want real people doing the transcription. There’s no better way to prove that than by picking up your phone and attempting to have a conversation with Siri. There is no substitute for human intelligence. Humans can decipher your slang and heavy accents with 99% accuracy, whereas voice recognition might be 50% accurate.

If you require speed and accuracy and aren’t a trained voice recognition editor with spare time, the decision is easy to use real people to type your needed transcripts. Real people can Google and research everything you throw at them to find out if it’s real and how it’s spelled. Computers can’t and don’t do that.

Safe, Accurate and Efficient Online Transcribing

Ditto Transcripts online transcription services are a no-brainer. From court documents to police reports to medical records to research projects and interviews, many people have a use for transcription. And it makes the most sense for all of them to use an online transcribing service. For convenience, for speed and for accuracy—it all makes sense!

Ditto Transcripts handles anything to everything to ensure accurate, timely and affordable documents for your projects. Learn more by connecting with us at (720) 287-3710.

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