Knowing vs. Guessing

Choosing the right transcription company to handle your work does a number on one’s nerves. We get it. It’s important. Our thinking is that the more informed you are, the more comfortable you will be sending your work to Ditto Transcripts. Hence the long list of FAQs here. And should something else pop into your mind you don’t see here, send us your thoughts. We’ll get back to you. Fast.

How quickly can you turn documents around?

The same day if needed. It largely depends on how many minutes or documents and if we have availability.

Why are humans considered more reliable than AI and software?

Humans understand context and can pinpoint a voice when multiple people are speaking over one another. AI and software often get confused with which person is speaking and will make reckless guesses when it comes to homonyms and words that sound alike.

Why do you concentrate on six specific industries?

We have transcriptionists who were trained and specialized in these industries to have a greater grasp of common terminology and better understand the context of what’s being said. Through our focus and our experience, we can guarantee 99% accuracy of every single file we complete.

What other industries are you known to transcribe for?

We’ve transcribed for authors, writers, journalists, city councils, museums, oil and gas companies, and for people who want their family videos and oral histories typed out.

May I partner with a dedicated point person at Ditto?

Yes, we provide a sole point of contact for every client. That way you get a consistent product and communication from someone who knows where your files stand at all times.

What kind of rules, formats and templates do you accept?

We can work with pretty much anything you ask of us when it comes to formats and templates. We can customize to whatever specifications you need as long as it isn’t with some proprietary software we cannot access.

Are you able to identify filler words or heavier accents?

Yes. Our transcriptionists have well over 500 years of combined experience, and we will have multiple people listen to a file if necessary.

Can you transcribe and translate Spanish?

Yes, we can.

Why is it so important that Ditto’s based in the United States?

To remain CJIS compliant and be able to certify our transcripts, it’s 100% necessary that we are based in the U.S. foreign-based or foreign-owned companies cannot be CJIS compliant, and they also cannot certify their transcripts.

How can I be sure my information will be confidential?

The online platforms we use are both CJIS and HIPAA compliant and we have that information readily available for you to verify yourself if needed. We will also sign an NDA and confidentiality agreement with new clients at any time. All of our transcriptionists also sign both NDAs and confidentiality agreements, and we run criminal background checks on all of them as well.

Are you certified and CJIS and HIPAA compliant?

Some of our transcriptionists are certified and some are not. We do certify our transcripts though and have been for more than 10 years. What that means is that we certify and will testify in court to its authenticity and accuracy if needed. Yes, we are both CJIS and HIPAA compliant.

How do your billing procedures work?

We can bill after each file or once a month, depending on what works best for you. Most recurring clients have us bill once a month for the previous month’s work. One-time or less consistent clients will pay upfront securely online with a credit card.

What happens once I upload my file?

You will receive an email from us confirming everything if you want, or you can track the progress of your file online within our secure platform.

What if my file is really large?

We have a few options for large files. Our online platform can take files up to 5 GB or you can mail us a thumb drive or hard drive to our Denver, Colorado, offices. It’s totally up to you and your workflow needs.

How will I know when my file is finished?

We can email you to let you know, or you can log onto our secure platform and check your file’s status at any time. You can also turn on email notifications from our platform if you want.

What if my project has something out of the norm that needs to be transcribed?

You can call us and explain what you need. If we can do it, we most certainly will. If we can’t, we will explain why, and try and point you in the right direction.

What if I have a project that needs to be completed over the weekend?

We can complete projects over the weekend, provided you let us know in advance. Please call or email your point of contact and make sure we know and have the people available. We will get it done for you.

What if I have a project that needs to be completed overnight?

Please call and ask. It will all depend on how much you have, how busy we are, and if we have the right amount of people available to complete your project overnight.

Are your transcribers proficient in medical terminology?

Yes. We have specialized medical transcriptionists who understand specific kinds of medical transcription like pathology, cardiology, orthopedic, psychiatry, geriatrics, IMEs, among many others.

Are your transcribers proficient in legal terminology?

Yes. We transcribe for courts, law firms and individuals all over the U.S. and have heard every kind of legal situation you can imagine.

If I have additional questions, may I call you direct?

Yes, please do. We are open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Mountain Standard/Daylight Time and would be more than happy to speak with you about your transcription needs. You can also send your questions right here on our website and we will provide a prompt response.

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