Dictation services isn’t going the way of dinosaurs, as some may have you believe. Quite the opposite, and outsourcing is proving to be appealing.

Some go the overseas route because they believe it’s cheaper. Or they go for opt voice recognition. Going with the old adage, you get what you pay for, most find the inaccuracies are not worth it.

With Ditto Transcripts, using a true U.S.-based dictation transcription services company, staffed by real people in your native language is a smart investment, every time. They have the phone dictation and technical terminology down.

Real People Versus Speech Recognition

Real people are better at understanding your words the first time you say them, and we will continue to improve. The more times you say the name of that one Hawaiian power plant, the more chances we have of figuring out exactly what it is. Allowing us to fix it for all the times when initially we had no context. This is true in medical cases as well; you might stumble over your words when you read out one symptom, and we can infer based on surrounding conditions and later references.

Speech recognition isn’t that smart. So if you dictate 100% accurately with no accent and perfect enunciation, then speech recognition might get up to 50% accuracy! We all know that frankly, 50% isn’t good enough when documents may form your clients’ first impression of you. Affect what happens in court, or affect the surgery you’re about to perform after glancing over a patient’s chart. Speech recognition will require tons of editing, which we all know you don’t have the time to do.

Dictation Services: Industries

At Ditto Transcripts, we see many types of documents. We have experts with 30-plus years of experience in:

You might be tempted to consider typing yourself instead of dictating. If you’ve ever done that, you’ll know it is far less efficient and easy to truly express all of your thoughts and ideas, and especially if your content has any degree of technical terms, place names, proper nouns or anything like that. Real people know how to Google and understand medical, legal, law enforcement and technical terminology.

How much does dictation services cost?

Dictation services can cost anywhere from $1.00/minute all the way to $5.00/minute. It depends on how quickly you need it back and how difficult the audio quality is.

Check out our general transcription pricing to get a better idea and let us know what you need.

Ditto Transcripts handles anything to everything to ensure accurate, timely and affordable documents for your projects. Learn more by connecting with us at (720) 287-3710.

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