Deposition Summaries

A deposition summary is one of the most important documents for court trial preparation. This highly detailed document helps attorneys get to the core of the deposition testimony and identify valuable points without reading large volumes of data.

If you need deposition summary services, you’ve come to the right place. Ditto Transcripts helps law firms and independent attorneys save time and reduce case costs by creating accurate and objective deposition summaries for you and your legal team. 

Why Outsource Deposition Summaries

Poring through hundreds, or even thousands, of pages of complex testimony can wear you down and rob you of precious time you can otherwise use to complete other critical case-related tasks that need your attention.

Hiring a reliable deposition summary service provider like Ditto Transcripts guarantees you’ll get an abridged version of your depositions without the stress, enhancing your productivity to help you better prepare for your upcoming hearings. 

We provide professionally prepared deposition summaries to give you peace of mind, knowing you’ll receive only high-quality summaries that contain all the important points of testimony. 

Also, fewer insurance companies reimburse law firms at their hourly rates for creating summaries, so using a trusted external provider like Ditto Transcripts can be a more cost-effective solution. 

The Types Of Deposition Summaries We Provide

There are five primary types of deposition summaries: page-line summaries, page summaries, topical summaries, chronological summaries, and narrative summaries.

  • Page-line summaries typically have columns for page-line, exhibit, and summary of the testimony. Generally, you can expect a one page-line summary for every five or more pages of testimony.
  • Page summary is a tool where key points from multiple pages are condensed and organized into two columns.
  • A topical summary comprises three sections: topic, pages, and summary. It is typically used in cases such as workers’ compensation, where facts are the main focus.
  • Chronological summaries allow for abridgment and chronological arrangement of material, often used in personal injury and criminal lawsuits.
  • The narrative summary deposition organizes and presents the facts from a verbatim transcript in a narrative style.

The attorneys can decide which type of summary is necessary based on the requirement and the lawsuit they are dealing with.

Our Deposition Summary Services Feature

  • Economic and transparent pricing: We charge $4.00/page. However, if we also complete the deposition transcript, we can offer a reduced rate of $2.25/per page. We’ll let you know exactly what you’re paying before we process your deposition summary. No surprise fees.
  • Rapid turnaround times: We can summarize about 20 pages per hour, 25 at most if it’s a less complicated case. Complicated cases will take longer, but we will average about 20 pages per hour. 
  • Transcripts delivered in formats that meet your requirements: We understand that may have specific formatting requirements, so our team will work with you to meet your needs.
  • A team of handpicked U.S.-based professionals with diverse specializations: Besides the legal arena, we have trained experts with deep knowledge in the medical, business, financial, and law enforcement fields. 
  • Unlimited customer support: We firmly believe in the importance of constant communication. That’s why you can reach us through email, phone, or fax. You may also visit us at 3801 E Florida Ave., Suite 500, Denver, Colorado if you want to speak to us in person. 

Our Deposition Summary Process 

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Ditto Transcripts follows a tried-and-tested system for writing precise and accurate deposition summaries. We carefully work through each step to ensure we provide only the best results for our clients. 

Take a peek at our six-step process below:

Understanding the client’s needs

Communication gets the ball rolling. When you contact us, we aim to understand your requirements, including the format and other requests. You may email us your completed deposition transcripts or upload them through our secure online portal.

Analyzing the deposition transcript

Writing a good deposition summary involves extensive analysis to understand the basis of the complaint. We will diligently review the entire document to understand the purpose and context of the deposition before we get started on your summary. 

Highlighting important statements

We will highlight all vital information to prioritize and eliminate irrelevant details in the deposition summary. Identifying these key statements is crucial to creating an accurate summary. 

Summarizing the transcript

Deciding how much detail to include in the summary can take time and effort. We have to find a balance between brevity and intricacy, and that can be tricky. Our rule of thumb here at Ditto Transcripts is that deposition summaries should be able to communicate ten pages’ worth of testimony in a single page.

Proofreading the summary

Analyzing and summarizing a transcript with hundreds of pages may have a few mistakes. To provide an accurate summary, our team proofreads the entire document from start to finish to clean up any possible errors, loopholes, or inconsistencies. 

Delivering the deposition summary

After a rigorous quality check, we deliver the completed deposition summary via email or through our secure online portal. You can also pick up your finished document(s) personally at our office, or arrange for us to send you a hard copy to your physical address.

Ditto Transcripts Delivers Top-Notch Deposition Summary Services

Ditto Transcripts has been providing deposition summary services for clients in our home state of Colorado and states coast to coast since 2010. 

Customers who have outsourced their deposition summaries to us know that we place a premium on these three things: accuracy, affordability, and confidentiality. 


We understand that when it comes to legal documents, there is no room for mistakes. Even a single error can mean losing the case; that’s why our team of professionals is trained to summarize depositions with the highest efficiency and precision.


Ditto Transcripts charges reasonable rates while maintaining the quality of our deposition summary services. We ensure that every penny you pay us is worth it. 


Ditto Transcripts handles your information with utmost care and confidentiality. That’s why our team members undergo criminal background checks and sign an NDA and confidentiality agreement. Our online platforms are also CJIS and HIPAA compliant to avoid data security breaches at any stage of the deposition summary creation process. 

Ditto Transcripts takes pleasure in its work, which includes quality control and individual account managers for each client. If you hire us, you can be confident knowing you’ll quickly get accurate deposition summaries for your upcoming hearings.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for a certified deposition summary transcript. Call us at (720) 287-3710 to get started.