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Always choose responsible, expert transcriptionists. Doctor’s orders.

The discussions doctors and surgeons hold with one another are of the utmost importance. Notes. Test results. Opinions. All must be well captured on audio and all must be documented accurately in order for the physician team to have 100% confidence in how to proceed in treating patients. By no means is this a cakewalk—just ask Dr. Steven.

Dr. Steven’s hospital found it difficult to find someone internally who could listen to and properly transcribe the audio. Thus, he turned to Ditto Transcripts. Ditto brought in their experts dedicated and specifically trained for the medical field to move swiftly to accommodate the surgeons. In less than a day, Dr. Steven was able to dictate an op note of the surgery and get an excellent transcript in return.

“Getting in contact with the account manager in the hospital would take hours and sometimes days. I never had a problem getting in contact with Ditto. They understood how time sensitive and crucial my dictations are.” – Dr. Steven B, Neurosurgeon, University Hospital.

Dr. Steven isn’t alone. Independent medical offices to full-fledge hospitals see the benefits of working with Ditto.

  • High standard of quality
  • Adhering to the specific needs of each individual project
  • Quick adaptation to hospital procedures
  • Regularly going above and beyond handling any issues that came up while transcribing H&Ps, op notes, case notes, clinical research and more

Along with recognizing the importance of proper documentation of medical information, HIPAA regulations need to be seriously addressed too.

Ditto Transcripts understands the full severity of not adhering to these rules could lead to substantial fines and even serious criminal charges. For Dr. Steven’s office, fortunately, they can breathe a sigh of relief knowing Ditto respects confidentiality and is HIPAA compliant.

Lauren D, an RN at Dr. Seven’s office, said, “I was happy to find a medical transcription company that stays up to date on security, and HIPAA, and HITECH compliance. It saves me time knowing that I don’t have to remember to discuss any changes in the healthcare industry. Especially when it comes to discussing insurance and doctor-patient confidentiality.”

“In my previous positions, I’ve found that practices who try to manage medical audio themselves are slow to respond. I can see the difference since working with Dr. Steven and Ditto Transcripts.”

Together, Dr. Steven and Ditto Transcripts’ talented team of remote transcriptionists are speeding up the healing process one document at a time.

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