Ditto Transcripts has helped many different companies, agencies, physicians, universities, attorneys and individuals with their transcription needs. Here are a few case studies that highlight the problems we have solved for our clients.

Always choose responsible, expert transcriptionists. Doctor’s orders.

Case Study

The discussions doctors and surgeons hold with one another are of the utmost importance. Notes. Test results. Opinions. All must be well captured on audio and all must be documented accurately in order for the physician team to have 100% confidence in how to proceed in treating patients. By no means is this a cakewalk—just ask Dr. Steven.

Trusting error-free professionals frees up your paralegals.

Case Study

Legal firms hire paralegals who often are tasked to complete transcription work to help win a case. The downside here is that paralegals don’t understand the ins and outs of transcription. In the race against time to have documents prepared before going to trial, one slip up in a transcribed document could damage their argument. All the more reason Patrick turned to Ditto Transcripts.

Upholding the law is harder when paperwork holds you down.

Case Study

For the longest time, the Arkansas State Police Department’s in-house staff had been handling transcriptions. But when a rough budget crunch struck in the late ’90s, the staff was dismissed with the investigators now handling the time-consuming duty—adding great strain to their daily duties.

Excellent transcriptions that get right down to business.

Case Study

Business meetings and presentations can get pretty intense. Your focus cannot waver one iota as you capture every note with pen and paper for those unable to attend. So, the real question is, why not record the meeting and have it transcribed?

Accuracy, timeliness or affordability. Answer: all of the above.

Case Study

The importance of qualitative research cannot be understated. Through a one three-year-long research project, one university looked to obtain data via interviews and focus groups. Their goal: develop interventions and improve programs to instigate health behavior change to reduce obesity risk, particular for those living in underserved communities.

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