State of Colorado
Cooperative Price Agreement

Find the value in our State of Colorado Price Agreement.

First off, what is it?

Our State of Colorado pricing agreement allows any state agency or political subdivision in the United States access to extremely competitive pricing, terms, and conditions.

One of the primary objectives of State of Colorado pricing agreement is assisting states with their purchasing needs. By leveraging the purchasing power of multiple governmental entities through competitively sourced contracts, State of Colorado pricing agreement delivers transcription services with the best value, transparency and reliability available. It’s a process that offers significant advantages for all U.S. states and territories. It’s often considered the “gold standard” in cooperative purchasing arms and is managed by procurement officials from participating states.

Ditto Transcripts proudly provides transcription services:

  • General transcription (academic, research, focus groups, interviews, podcasts).
  • Legal transcription (law enforcement, district attorney and public defender offices, depositions, employment hearings, court hearings). Our law enforcement services are CJIS compliant.
  • Medical transcription (HIPAA-compliant services for hospitals, mental health, surgery centers, private and solo practices, health and human services).

Advantages of Using State of Colorado pricing agreement Contracts

By leveraging their spending power through single solicitations, price, quality, reliability, warranties and services of selected vendors are always emphasized. States also save valuable time and money by not incurring the expense of preparing multiple bids.

Member states can take advantage of our services without incurring the time and expense of preparing bids. Here at Ditto, we competed against 16 other companies and demonstrated our commitment to providing quality transcriptions at a competitive price.

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