What is Law Enforcement Transcription?

Law enforcement transcription is an offshoot of legal transcription, and has grown into an essential tool for all types of law enforcement agencies.

Long gone are the days of in-house typing pools. Essential law enforcement personnel no longer have to waste valuable time focusing on typing out recorded or dictated police reports on outdated systems. Today, law enforcement transcription can be outsourced to professionals, like us, who can handle it in the same way if not a better way than an in-house staff can.

Professional Police Transcriptionists are trained to transcribe a long list of file types including (but not limited to) recorded statements, recorded police reports, accident reports, witness interviews, victim interviews, suspect interrogations, wire taps, undercover body recordings, crime scene investigations, and internal affairs investigations.

How law enforcement create audio/video to be transcribed

Law enforcement transcription technology has kept pace as audio and video recording technology swiftly advances. Today, police cruisers now offer law enforcement professionals the ability to verbally dictate and record traffic accidents or violations as they occur or immediately thereafter.

Officers in the field can carry hand held digital recording devices for similar purposes. This gives the police officer the ability to record his or her thoughts or notes onsite, without the need to try and remember everything later. Audio and video surveillance equipment has also gone digital. Law enforcement professionals can now hide micro-cameras and recording devices in the most discreet places.

As such, transcription can be provided for most, if not all of the different video formats and audio formats utilized by these unique and innovative recording techniques now prevalent in the field.

How the audio/video is processed and transcribed

Law enforcement transcription is no different than any other type of professional transcription service. After receiving the digital or analog video or audio file, the transcriber carefully listens to the source material and usually transcribes it verbatim to a written format. Once the transcript is finished, it is reviewed and proofread by one or more persons to ensure complete accuracy.

When the transcript is finalized, it is returned to the client in the desired digital or hard copy format. If requested, the transcription can be delivered in multiple digital formats as well as professional, printed documents. For the client’s benefit the law enforcement transcript is archived indefinitely and securely with the transcription agency. When necessary, law enforcement transcripts can be certified and/or notarized.

Turn around time can vary for different types of law enforcement transcriptions. Twenty-four to forty-eight hours is the norm for a police transcription assignment of average length. However, it is not uncommon for bulk transcriptions or larger files to take anywhere from one to two weeks. However, if larger files are needed in a more timely fashion, an extra “rush” charge may be added.

The people who provide law enforcement transcription

As law enforcement transcription is provided by professionals who understand law enforcement procedures and language, it has become unnecessary to hire on additional personnel that require both benefits packages and crucial training.

Outsourcing your law enforcement transcription also cuts down on the overhead cost of employed administrative positions clocking overtime to type up various reports. Police transcription also frees these administrative positions to concentrate on their primary office responsibilities.

As time demands on law enforcement professionals and forensic teams continue to grow, law enforcement transcription become increasingly important. Outsourced police transcription allows these professionals to concentrate the bulk of their time on important case work instead of being bogged down with paperwork.

Our Law Enforcement Specialty Areas

  • Accident, arrest and traffic reports
  • Any Type of Audio
  • Court Proceedings
  • Criminal Investigations
  • Depositions
  • Dissertation Transcription
  • Fire reports
  • In-Custody & Patrol Reports
  • Internal Affairs Investigations
  • Investigation Reports
  • Meetings
  • On-site & In-house Interrogations
  • Q&A and Narrative of all Kinds
  • Radio Communications
  • Recorded Notes and Reports
  • Secure police report transcription
  • Suspect Interviews
  • Suspect investigations
  • Taped Conversations
  • Taped Interviews
  • Wire Taps
  • Witness Statements

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