Voice Transcription – Why You Should Still Outsource It

Why you still need to outsource your voice transcription

“Good words are worth much, and cost little.” – George Herbert

How do you make sure your good words are well represented when it comes to a high quality transcript?  There was a time when medical practices and businesses had two choices, neither of them ideal.

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They could do it themselves, and this created an additional staff burden and hurt productivity as employees were diverted from their primary functions.  Additionally, the quality of results was about what you’d expect from someone who did not even have transcription listed in their job description.

The second choice was to outsource it, except many of the voice transcription service providers required long term contracts or did not provide a pay as you go service.  If you had a problem with the final product, there was little to no recourse and pricing was not competitive, because there were few providers to choose from.

Now that there is an App for everything, business owners might be considering going back to doing voice transcription themselves.  This would be a mistake.  Here’s why you still need to outsource your daily transcription needs and why we are your provider of choice:


There are in fact dozens of voice transcription applications and software packages available on the open market.  Unfortunately, this technology still has a high error rate.  It is certainly not dependable enough for a professional organization.  Let’s say it was though; employers would still need to take time away from their primary business to make sure someone in the office or practice was trained on the new tool.  In order to avoid a single point of failure, they would have to train at least two workers.  Once trained, those employees would still have to devote time to voice transcription instead of their primary functions.  Productivity still suffers.  DIY voice transcription result?  Lost time and lots of errors.

Outsourcing voice transcription saves time and money, but more importantly it will save you and your office your sanity.  Precisely because of the competition in the market today, it has never been easier to shop around.  At Ditto Transcripts, transcription is all we do.  We offer pay as you go services and don’t require long term contracts.  Most importantly, we have an accuracy rating of 99% or higher. Contact us today and learn more about how our voice transcription services deliver outstanding quality results while saving you time and money.

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