Why US-Based Transcription Is Better

US-Based Transcription Is The Best When You Need 99% Accuracy

These days, it seems like individuals and companies are all about saving money on projects at the cost of quality. With all the freelance websites out there, it is enticing to use someone from those sites.  It may save money on having your audio transcribed, then cost you a ton of time to correct all the errors.  This is a big risk to take as a lot of these online services use non-native English speakers from overseas. Errors, miscommunication, and misinterpretation are more likely to occur when you outsource your audio transcription needs. The most successful and reliable way to get audio transcribed accurately is to hire a US-based transcription company. Keep reading to see why.

It’s Our Native Language

One of the most important reasons why you should hire a US-based transcription company is to have a native English speaker interpreting and transcribing your audio. Those that choose to outsource their transcription projects to people in other countries argue that English is largely spoken across the globe. The problem is that a non-native English speaker won’t be as familiar with grammar, punctuation, slang, and spelling. You put your project at risk when you have someone unfamiliar with the language transcribe your audio.

Time Zone

While a lot of people prefer email to phone, there are times when you need an immediate response. That isn’t possible when you work with a transcription company outside of the US. The different timezones make it difficult to speak with one another. If you work with a US-based transcription company, that becomes much less of an issue. Even though you may be on opposite ends of the country, you still have more opportunities to speak with one another during a typical 9-to-5 workday.


Audio isn’t always clear and outdated technology can lead to errors and poor quality work. People will notice right away too CBS News reports. “Eventually customers who are accustomed to believing your brand promise begin to notice that your once-great products are suddenly crappy.” Unlike companies overseas, US-based transcription companies stay up to date with technologies that help to continue producing high-quality work.

Security and confidentiality

There are certain protocols that the US has in place when it comes to keeping information safe. Chron explains the threat that offshoring has to company confidentiality. “Violations of confidentiality and intellectual property are of concern to American companies that outsource. This is particularly true for companies that outsource to other countries that may not have the same type of confidentiality laws that the United States has.” Transcription companies in the US know the confidentiality laws and policies. Hiring anyone else is a gamble and security isn’t a guarantee.

US laws and regulations

When transcribing for US government agencies, law enforcement, or those in medicine, there is no room for error. You need someone who has experience with the terms and slang used in each industry. Also, an experienced US-based transcriptionist won’t have to take too much time researching what is being discussed in the audio, because they are native English speakers. Their background will not only give you a 99.9% accurate transcript but will also do so in a timely manner.

When looking for a transcriptionist, and you need 99% accuracy, you are better off using one based in the US. You can sleep easy knowing that when you use a US-based transcription company your personal and confidential information is in good hands.

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