Customized Templates – You’re Not Asking For Much From Your Transcription Company

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Does your transcription company tell you what they can give you, instead of the other way around? Do they refuse to use the transcription customized templates you want them to use? Are they not using your abbreviations, canned phrases or other specific instructions to help with your dictation workflow? Don’t put up with it.

Some transcription companies charge by the word, and will then refuse to omit words. For instance, many law enforcement agencies want last names typed only, but one company would refuse to leave out the first name if it was dictated even with that specific instruction.

Some other transcription companies treat every company or agency the same, putting them all on the same template or same style guide. The truth is every company or client deserves to have their transcripts formatted to their specific standards, and the right to update those standards as they see fit. So if that means you want “investigator” shortened to “Inv.,” or you want to say “use my standard client signoff” and your company to type it, you should get that.

With Ditto Transcripts, we will create an individualized style guide with your exact specifications to ensure you get reports formatted the way you need. Don’t know what you need? We also have a general style guide we can send you for ideas, then you can change or update it as you see fit. And clients are always able to use canned phrases, host unlimited templates, and ask for corrections, and we won’t charge extra fees for any of these services.

Call our Denver, Colorado office today to discuss how we can help your report or document creation, and ask about our new client free trial and send us your transcription customized templates and we will use them no problem.

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