Transcribing Company for Client Meetings, Employee Reviews and Seminars

Transcribing Company or Client Meetings, Employee Reviews and Seminars

Why you should be transcribing company or client meetings, employee reviews and seminars – business transcription services.

1. For employee follow up: Recording and transcribing company meetings helps remind employees what specific topics, steps or actions were discussed, and helps them plan their next step. This keeps employees on task and focused and leads to less wasted time.

2. For client reviews: Having an accurate recording of your client meetings is an important tool for client follow-up. By recording and transcribing these meetings, you can bring a record of the last discussion to your next client meeting. Clients will be able to physically see what was discussed and decided in the last meeting, which help the current meeting go more smoothly and run more efficiently. In addition, transcripts of client meetings can be sent to the clients so they have a copy for review at any time.

3. For employee reviews: Just like with client reviews, having an accurate copy of what was discussed with an employee makes an employee’s review more clear and concise. Plus, recording any Human Resources matters protects a company or an employee from adverse actions including legal actions.

4. For publishing: Company meetings, conferences or seminars can be transcribed and published on the company’s website, newsletter, blog or anywhere else they want. This allows companies to share current happenings with their customers, shareholders and the public, allowing them to remain transparent and keep people informed.

Meetings can be transcribed verbatim or “cleaned-up” according to the client’s specific wishes or needs. And they can be returned in PDF or Microsoft Word format through email, an online platform, in a hard copy or by CD or flash drive.  Transcribing company or client meetings can be completed in as little as one day depending on a few things such as length and audio quality.

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