The Best Technologies Available for Attorneys

As an attorney or an employee in an attorney’s office, you likely already know that the right tools can make all the difference in the work accomplished at the law firm. Regardless if you’re conducting research in your office or you’re standing front-and-center in the court room, you want to have the peace of mind knowing that you’ve used all of the best available tools out there to create the perfect case. This type of peace of mind comes with working with the best technologies for attorneys.

Having access to the latest technologies doesn’t just keep you and your office on track, organize your cases, and help you function better on a daily basis (although, it does do that too), it also grants you access to the latest tools to help conduct research, organize cases, and ultimately, be a more productive attorney, or administrative assistant at an attorney’s office.

As a legal transcription services company, we believe that our services are one of the technologies that can boost your overall productivity significantly, something we’ll dive into more later. For now, let’s discuss the top four technologies that we believe can aid you in your administrative work, your research, and your case development.

The Best Technologies For Attorneys

1. Google Drive for File Sharing and Collaboration

Obviously, as a lawyer, you’re dealing with hundreds – perhaps even thousands – of documents at a time. You need a way to manage, organize, sort, and share all of those documents at once, especially if you’re planning to collaborate with a legal team to get the job done.

That’s where file sharing programs, like Google Drive, come in. With millions of daily users, it’s a well-loved technology that provides you with the cloud computing and hosting services you need to better manage your files. Aren’t you tired of trying to collaborate with your legal team by sending tons of emails, making dozens of copies, or printing off hundreds of the same file? Try uploading the documents to Google Drive and sharing information with your team to better collaborate and be more productive.

2. Ditto Transcripts, LLC

Not only can we provide you with fast, accurate, on-time, verbatim transcription services to help you prepare and allow you to better understand your case notes. We can also help with our personalized transcription services to keep your administration running smoothly, too.

Whether you’re looking for someone to provide you with accurate information from your dictated case notes. You need hearings transcribed from your court cases for research and assets in the court room, we can assist you. Our team of US-based legal transcriptionists guarantee 99% accuracy for our typed and proofread transcripts.  And because of our dedication to fast turnaround time, you’ll never have a case held up waiting for the legal transcription you need.

3. Scanner Apps for PDF Generation

There’s nothing worse than being pressed for time and having dozens, maybe even hundreds, of case files and documents that you need scanned. You likely don’t have time to gather up every document, cart it over to the scanner, and file through every piece of paper, one-by-one, until you’ve got everything you need.

With new technology, you don’t have to. All you need is a smart phone.

Apps like Cam Scanner and Tiny Scanner turn your smartphone into a mobile scanner. It’s literally for scanning on-the-go. These apps turn your paper documents into either pictures or into PDFs, which you’re then able to email to your colleagues, save into your note apps, or save into your mobile files for examination. You can even save some of these files into txt format so you can edit them later on! Gone are the days where you’re left running late because of a scanning fiasco.

We chose to finish off our article for technologies for attorneys with this technology because it’s an absolute must-have for all lawyers – no matter what you specialize in. CaseText is a specialized search engine that was created with lawyers and attorneys in mind. This search engine allows you to search millions of legal authorities via a newly-developed artificial intelligence algorithm.  It allows for a high-precision return of search results to find the most relevant regulations, cases, and statutes. Gone are the days, mostly, of pilfering through hundreds of old case documents. This technology brings you and your research into the future.

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