Spanish to English Transcription and Translation Service

Spanish to English transcription and translation services are becoming increasing more and more important. Spanish is currently the second most used language in the United States, and the number of Spanish-speakers only continues to grow, especially in states such as California, Texas, Arizona and Colorado.

37 million people in the United States now use Spanish as their main language. With this influx of Spanish speakers, a number of companies and industries have found using Spanish to English transcription and translation services helpful in making their businesses more efficient and profitable.

What is Spanish transcription?

Spanish transcription is when we listen to and type audio or video recorded in Spanish into Spanish. Transcription means we are transcribing it in the native language it was originally recorded in.

What is Spanish translation?

Spanish translation

Spanish translation is when we listen to and type audio or video recorded in Spanish and then into another language. For us here at Ditto Transcripts we are translating Spanish into English for our clients.

Spanish translation and transcription for law enforcement

Law enforcement agencies need Spanish to English transcription services to transcribe witness and suspect interviews, victim statements, interrogations and more that take place in Spanish and need to be translated to English for the legal process. They also need documents such as written statements or confessions translated. It is important to get these interviews and documents transcribed word-for-word, as they are only admissible as evidence in court if they are completely accurate.

Lawyers also benefit from having Spanish to English transcription services for their Spanish-speaking clients. Just like police officers, they can record their client meetings in their client’s native tongue then transcribe the recordings into English. This will not only make their clients feel safe, as they are speaking a language they are comfortable with, but will also help build trust with their clients. In addition, allowing their client to speak in their native language increases accuracy for legal documents. If a client was trying to speak a language they are not familiar with, they might mistakenly say something wrong, which can lead to unintended consequence.

Spanish language translation in the medical industry

Medical facilities and doctor’s offices can use a foreign-language transcription service to allow patients to fill out medical forms such as intake records or patient history in their native language. The practice can then translate these records to English later so they are readable in the patient’s chart by English-speaking providers. This will increase the accuracy of their medical documents as they are speaking in their native language, not trying to translate themselves.

Spanish translation

Marketing benefits from Spanish translation

Businesses and marketing companies also benefit from Spanish to English translation (or vice versa.) They can use a service like Ditto Transcripts to translate their marketing materials to market to native Spanish speakers. This increases their audience and revenue potential. They can also have commercials, websites and other promotional materials translated.

Ditto Transcripts uses experienced native Spanish-speakers to accurately translate your documents and recordings. We can transcribe any audio or video recording, and can provide other translation services as well. Call our Denver, Colorado office at 720-287-3710 for a free estimate.

Spanish transcription and translation costs

Our Spanish to English translation costs are $5.00/minute

Our Spanish to Spanish transcription costs are $5.00/minute

Compare our cost per minute compared to the average cost of 15 cents per word and we are about 1/4 the price. The average number of words in a normal Spanish spoken conversation with two people is 150 words per minute. That equals a price of $22.50/minute.

Ditto Transcripts is a Denver, Colorado-based transcription company that provides fast, accurate and reliable transcription services for individuals and companies of all sizes. Call 720-287-3710 today for a free quote.

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