Recording and transcribing interviews will save your business

Employment court claims can cost a company not only financial damage they can damage their reputation in the community as well.  Claims often include breach of contract, unfair dismissal and discrimination.  Again and again these claims stem from messy disciplinary or grievance interviews as well as not adhering to stated company policies. Transcribing interviews is the answer that will save your company it’s reputation.

Transcribing interviews for later use is a great idea

When this scenario plays out there are always, as we all know, three sides to every story: theirs, yours, and the truth.  Simply by recording and transcribing these types of interviews, the truth can be presented.  When an interview is recorded and then transcribed, it can help prevent accusations and protect the company.  

If your company or agency chooses to record interviews it is important that both parties know they are being recorded.  Laws differ in each state, plus it will keep emotions in check and the interview professional.  It is also important that the interviewer correctly understands the procedures of the interview or review, and that they can be trusted to follow them, even if faced with provocation.

transcribing interviews

Even if the interviewer is faced with aggravation, a recorded interview can dispute any claims that a manager acted inappropriately and prove they gave the interviewee fair treatment.

Recording and transcribing interviews will allow the interviewer to focus solely on the interview instead of being distracted by taking notes.  When topics change quickly a recording can keep track, unlike an interviewer who must take notes and hold a conversation.  Not having to wait for handwritten notes to be typed will drastically reduce the waiting period for forms to be approved, as they can easily be transcribed and placed into any template.

These recordings and transcriptions will not only ensure that the businesses’ standards are being adhered to, but can also help to improve standards overall.  Senior staff members can review recordings and transcripts and then offer training where necessary or improve procedures to address issues in the review.

Transcribing interviews of these types will not only give an accurate account of what happened, but it can also improve company standards and procedures.  Transcription is an easy and cost effective way to protect your business.

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