Real Estate Transcription Services for Appraisals, Home Inspections, HOAs, and more

With home prices in the U.S. rising, many first time buyers are purchasing their first place, and many seasoned buyers are choosing to trade up or purchase a second home. There are many reports that go along with the purchase of a house that are important for multiple parties. Including buyers, sellers, buyers and sellers agents, real estate agents, financiers and banks. Real estate transcription can expedite all of these processes.

Reports such as a home evaluation/real estate appraisal, home inspection, and more are important for the buying process. They need to be processed quickly and accurately. Using a real estate transcription service to help you with these reports is the most efficient method. This will help to inform everyone involved in the buying process of your new home, and will keep everyone on the same page.

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By dictating the home inspection and/or on-site report, the inspector can move through the property quickly while still making sure he covers all of the important features that speak to the overall condition of a house. It streamlines the inspection, as the inspector will not have to stop and write down everything he is doing or click through a series of menus, he can simply dictate short notes. It also allows for more freedom and clarity on how much or little he says on the reports.

For instance, he can dictate a long note on a faulty boiler or roof, without worrying about running out of room such as when he uses a paper report or pre-formatted report.

Dictation also allows for the skipping over pre-defined sections present on both online and paper reports that are not actually present in a property (for instance, a third bedroom in a two bedroom house,) leading to a more organized and personalized report.

Dictating and transcribing also ensure this report is neat and easy to read for all parties involved. This allows buyers and the buyer’s agent to read and ask for any repairs or monetary damages, if needed. It also lets the seller know possible problems with the property that will affect the sale or future sales.

Dictated reports are also important for the bank when dealing with a bank-owned property or short sale. The real estate transcription of the home inspection will keep the bank informed of condition, which can affect the type financing a buyer is qualified or approved for.

A home evaluation is another important real estate tool for banks. A home evaluation (or real estate appraisal) is when banks evaluate the fair market value of a property. This assessment can affect what the buyer pays for the house and whether or not they can qualify for mortgage financing.

Also, with real estate transcription, inspectors or evaluators can customize templates specific to their report type. This keeps all of the documentation they produce neat, consistent and organized. It also allows for the email or fax distribution of reports, further streamlining the home buying process.

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