The most asked questions for transcriptionists by those interested in the industry

Occasionally we get questions for transcriptionists by email or through our website.  Here are the most recently asked questions and our answers.  Don’t agree?  Let us know, fill out the contact form and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

Q: My sister-in-law has just started training to be a transcriptionist and has got me interested.  With so many medical offices going to EMR, will there be less need for medical transcriptionists in the future?

A: There are a lot of doctors who continue to use transcription services because voice recognition isn’t reliable and they don’t want the burden of documenting a patient visit on top of their other responsibilities.  Plus medical transcription services can still be used with an EMR if someone in-office pastes the completed transcription in the correct data fields, or if you have an interface built so the transcription automatically goes from your transcription service into the EMR.  

Plus there are also other branches outside of medical transcription, including legal, law enforcement and academic, that require the accuracy only a native English speaker can provide, ensuring the future for American transcriptionists.

Questions for Transcriptionists

Q: What kind of computer is best for transcription?

A: As long as it’s fast, there’s no specific brand or type of computer that’s better than another for transcription.  More important is having a good set of headphones, a reliable foot pedal and a fast internet connection (try upgrading your router if it’s running slow), as a lot of accounts are typed online.

Q: How many WPM is a good speed?

A: We look for WPM of 80 and over as a base – but just as important as typing speed is accuracy.  You can have a WPM of 120, but if you’re making mistakes that is not a good indication of how successful you will be as a transcriptionist.  So really you need a combination of speed and accuracy.

Q: Do some areas of transcription work pay better than others?  (a relative of a relative in Minnesota who has done transcription work for many years says that her company pays better for operative reports.)

A: It depends on the company and their policies, plus the turn-around time for different kinds of files (if the TAT for an operative report is 30 minutes it more than likely will pay more than a standard 24 hour TAT for office notes.)  But in general, most companies will pay more for difficult dictators (mumblers, accents, etc.), bad quality audio or multiple speakers.

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