Can Your Private Practice Benefit From A Transcription Service?

private practice transcription service

If you run a private practice, your time and resources are both valuable and limited.  Using a private practice transcription service can seem like an unneeded expense at first, but when you research the cost of using a private practice transcription service and compare it to the cost of using in-house transcriptionists or having the physician type their own notes the value is clear.  Plus, there are several other invaluable benefits you get when you use a private practice transcription service.  Here are the top five reasons why your practice can’t afford not to use a private practice transcription service.

1. Happier, more productive staff:  Often in smaller practices the task of transcription falls to someone already on staff who has other responsibilities as well.  This means that the delegated “transcriptionist” juggles other tasks that might take higher priority, and that the transcription work can run behind, creating stress on the whole staff and the physician.  Or, if you are having the doctor type his or her own notes, this invariably puts even more pressure on them as it just adds another task onto their already busy day.  By utilizing medical transcription services your physicians and staff can focus on other, more important responsibilities in running the practice, and doctors can spend more time with their patients.

2. Save money: Have you heard the old adage – you need to spend money to make money?  Well, spending money on outsourcing transcription really will save your practice money.  How?  Private practice transcription services work on a volume base, so you aren’t paying a staff member an hourly rate or salary (plus benefits) to type transcription work, saving your practice money.  Or, if your doctors are typing their own notes, your practice is losing out on seeing more patients and generating more revenue, which is a huge loss as well.

3. More organized charts: Private practice transcription services return to your office neat, typed notes that follow your provided templates. This means all patient notes will follow an identical format, which makes finding patient information much simpler and easier to read. In addition, notes are quality checked for accuracy, adding an extra layer of uniformity and precision.

4. Quicker turn-around time:  Private practice transcription services can offer anywhere from 1 to 24 hour turn-around time, guaranteeing that your patient notes are back by the next day, if not sooner.  In comparison, if the transcriptionists on staff or the physicians run behind or gets busy with other responsibilities, and put off typing patient notes, there’s often no recourse for them to catch up unless they work overtime.

5. Better care for the patients:  When a patient’s chart is not complete or not easy to read, it means the doctor must spend valuable time with them just deciphering their past medical history.  Or if the doctor themselves is responsible for typing their own notes, they must either work longer hours or cut back on patient time to accommodate the task.  Using a private practice transcription service guarantees that the patient’s chart is complete when you need it, and that a doctor can spend more face time with his or her patients.

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