How an Onsite Transcription Service Can Strengthen Your Business This Year

After nearly a decade providing high-quality remote transcription, we understand that many businesses believe hiring an onsite transcriptionist or stenographer for a temporary project is impractical or expensive. In reality, onsite confidential transcription services can help strengthen your business and even fatten up your bottom line this year.

Remote transcription services are great for accessibility and convenience, but they aren’t always the best fit for every project. When you need onsite transcription for a live event or a task that requires increased confidentiality, what are your options?

Staffing a salaried, in-house transcriptionist is expensive—often upwards of $40,000 a year or more. Hiring an experienced professional who can come in person to fulfill your transcription needs gives you access to efficient, accurate in-person transcription that’s also cost-effective.    

Failing to have an experienced professional onsite when you need one can exact other costs, too. These range from the price tag associated with relocating personnel and equipment offsite to the cost to your team’s overall efficiency stemming from the lack of a reliable record.

Moreover, your company may be exposed to legal consequences if the security of your confidential business data becomes compromised as a result of unreliable or unscrupulous transcription.

Don’t leave yourself vulnerable by taking any shortcuts. Onsite transcription services can help organizations, businesses, and individuals with a wide range of needs, whether you’re looking for transcription talent for a single day or an extensive project.

Team or Group Meetings for Business Projects

Meetings for complex, long-term projects can run for hours and result in thousands of words contributed by multiple team members. Whether you’re an established business, a charitable organization, or an affiliation, maintaining a reliable, confidential record can be critical for growth.

You may often rely on a team member from within your own organization to take minutes for a meeting. However, these notes are usually not a verbatim transcription, which can leave significant holes in your record. Assigning someone to take notes also means they can no longer engage with the group and contribute their own valuable ideas as a discussion evolves.

Recording a meeting for remote transcription may be a good optionat least some of the time. In other instances, it may be necessary to have a transcriptionist in the room in order to catch vocal inflections and other non-verbal communications that may be imperative to relay on the record.

You may be thinking of relying on automation or vocal recognition software as a cheap transcription alternative. However, there are significant disadvantages to these transcription solutions. They may not accurately transcribe a noticeable percentage of the audio, for example. Additionally, vocal recognition takes time to “train” itself to match the speaker’s voice, which can be impractical with team meetings that feature several different speakers.

Onsite confidential transcription helps all of your team members focus on the task at hand, freeing them up to perform at their most creative, productive levels.

Law Firm Sessions to Prepare for Litigation Using Onsite Transcription Services

Lawyers and their support teams work long, hard hours to prepare for litigation of any kind. Particularly for lawsuits involving complex personal injury and complicated business transaction, these prep sessions can involve detailed interviews, brainstorming, and discussions about the order and presentation of evidence at trial.

Instead of a hodgepodge of personal handwritten notes or appointing a legal secretary or paralegal to type notes, why not bring in a professional to transcribe your practice sessions, interviews, and other work-product meetings?

A confidential onsite transcription service can create a full, properly formatted document that will make it easier to prepare efficiently for trial. Having someone onsite who utilizes only your own computer systems in preparing the transcripts will help keep your data, information, and strategy secure. The cost for these services can usually be passed on to the client while helping you secure a more advantageous outcome at trial by effectively utilizing your firm’s resources.

Transcribing Professional Records and Notes

Of course, not all transcription needs to take place in real time with live speakers. In particular, medical and legal firms can often benefit from confidential onsite transcription, especially as a way to support their scribes or stenographers in handling project overflow.

Medical providers may dictate notes, jot down data on paper records, or receive paper medical records from other providers. These documents can be consolidated and converted into the practice’s preferred format for increased efficiency and ease of access.

The same is true of law firm documents. Attorneys often accumulate huge quantities of documents in preparation for a transaction or litigation. These documents can sometimes be old, faded, or otherwise difficult to read. Onsite transcriptionists can help preserve the originals, as well as create a coherent digital file for easier and more efficient use.

Beyond medical and legal services, onsite transcription can also be useful for call centers, law enforcement, news rooms, or film and media companies looking have interviews, meetings, or other records transcribed on a contract basis.

Strengthen Your Business With Confidential Onsite Transcription Services

When you’re ready to outsource onsite transcription services for your business or organization, look for experience with your industry, as well as overall cost and delivery methods. Fast turnaround, accuracy, and affordability don’t have to be mutually exclusive benefits.

Like other assets, a quality onsite transcription is an investment in your organization and an opportunity to strengthen your business. Remember that it’s far more cost-effective to bring in an expert and get the transcript right the first time than to scramble to correct it later.

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