Online Podcast Promotion? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Do you need online podcast promotion? Here’s how to promote your podcast

As an individual who has constantly dreamt of becoming the next big thing in podcasting, it’s likely that you’ve done your homework and realized that all you truly need to promote yourself well and create an amazing podcast is a computer and a little know-how. You’ll also need to know how to promote your podcast online as well.

Do you have a computer? Check. How about the know-how? If not, no worries – we’ve got you covered.

Podcasting is a new way to accomplish the old-fashioned dream of being a radio star, but it requires a lot less of the sticky process that radio casting does – and a lot of people are catching on. According to Neil Hughes with the podcast Tech Blog Writer “There are around 300,00 active podcasts in the world, and this is nothing compared to the 400 million blogs. Podcasts make it much easier to make your voice heard and very often, you will have the undivided attention of your listener, so make it count.”

That’s great news because it means people can make their dreams happen.  Which is also tricky in its own right because how do you stand out when there is so much competition?

Check out these strategies to make your content a viral, must-listen-to show.

Apple podcasts is still the king

There is an inconvenient truth that Apple Podcasts is responsible for as much as 70% of a podcast’s listens and downloads of your podcast. There is also a variety of other platforms that use the Apple’s feed, so if your show is not uploaded to Apple’s servers, you do not have a podcast, it’s that simple.

For these reasons alone, you need to launch your podcast with a minimum of three episodes and follow up with a weekly episode to stand a chance of being featured on the “New and Noteworthy” section of iTunes.

Your content can’t be basic – Kick it up a notch

We doubt you have any interest in promoting bad content to begin with, and with so many people creating their own podcasts nowadays, it’s impossible to run a successful show with mediocre content. That means everything you put out has to be absolutely compelling. Research and plan to create the best content that you can. Offer real authentic advice, be truly interesting, share great ideas, and don’t be afraid to really talk to your guests on the show. Do what you know needs to be done in order to not just grab listeners’ attention, get them to retain it and share it with their friends and colleagues.

Don’t be cheap with your podcast platform host

Starting a podcast isn’t all that complicated and there’s plenty of information on the internet that can help you do it. In addition to this, there are plenty of platforms to start your podcast on. The best advice we can give is to prioritize the platform host. You want to work with a host that works for you, allows you to host a show for free or affordably, and is willing to support what you support, too. Sites like PodBean and SoundCloud are great free sites that you can get started on, be forewarned, a free site is going to have limitations that paid hosts do not. In the beginning, it might be better to start with a free site, then upgrade when your podcast needs more services and extras.

Strong digital marketing is key (And don’t forget about some of the traditional elements too)

Ensure that you build up a strong social media platform that acts as a communication board between you and your audience, an information board, and communicative space for your listeners to chat with each other. Before you ever get into any new content on your podcast, ensure that you’re reminding your listeners about your social media, how they can find it, and what it can be used for. Build a strong following and offer information on the social channels that non-followers wouldn’t have access to. Use your accounts to announce your episodes, link to old ones, and make sure that you’re active on them constantly.

Now it’s time to leverage your guest’s audience. If your guest or the brand they work for has a big following on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, you need to use this to your advantage. A social media post that tags both the company and the guest’s profile will likely result with both of them sharing your podcast episode.

The brand and guest are delighted that they are being shown in a good positive light online and your podcast gets extra attention. Everyone is a winner. Also, try to post quotes with eye-catching graphics too and capture the attention of your audience.

Make sure you engage with your audience personally. Ratings and reviews of your podcast are like currency to podcasters. The more users engaging with you and your show the more your show climb up the rankings. Do not be afraid to ask your audience for a rating and review at the beginning or end of your show.

The harsh reality is there is no such thing as a quick fix to having a successful podcast. Word of mouth is still the best method of podcast promotion and creating consistent content that resonates with your audience is still the best way to promote your show.

Remember, your podcast is not about you, it’s about serving your loyal listeners. If you meaningfully engage with your audience, they will keep coming back for more and will tell their friends about how great your show is too. It takes time to build an audience.

All that being said, though, don’t forget traditional advertising methods. For example, write yourself a press release. You don’t have to have it printed in the paper, but definitely get it delivered to a press site that can at least put it up digitally. Consider PR Newswire or PR Web for initial exposure, and make sure you’re advertising for yourself, too.

Show notes are vital for online podcast promotion

Show notes are going to be a hugely important aspect of the success of your podcast. Simply linking to your podcast isn’t going to be enough to draw people in, so what extra steps should you take to do so in order to help your online podcast promotion?

Transcripts – Yes you need them for your online podcast promotion

Working with a podcast transcription service to add keywords and readable/searchable/indexable content to your site is a great way to stimulate organic SEO. Using the right podcast transcription services company can make all the difference in the world and can help to attract new listeners, keep old ones, and even increase your exposure all over the internet!

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