Ditto Transcripts Announces New Mobile Transcription App

Scribe Mobile Transcription now allows you to dictate from anywhere with your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

PRLog (Press Release)Jul. 19, 2013DENVERGrowing with the needs of our clients, Ditto Transcripts is happy to introduce Scribe Mobile Transcription App for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.  Just like Scribe, this mobile transcription app offers the convenience of hand-held dictation with almost real-time file transfer.  Scribe Mobile transcription allows dictations to be securely transferred over your wireless network or 3G/4G network.  Even if you are in an area without WiFi or 3G/4G you can still dictate your records and upload them the next time that you are connected.

You can easily use Scribe Mobile to access your schedule and select the appropriate subject that is associated with each dictation.  This free smart phone transcription app makes it easy to use in conjunction with your account and be able to dictate at your convenience, no matter the location.  You can even confirm and enter key demographics, view and review uploaded dictations and select templates and turnaround time.

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