Three Ways to Lose a Client and How Transcription Can Prevent It

The last phone call of the day and it was a rough one. The client gave you an earful of why they have decided that they will no longer be needing your services. Odd as it may seem, this is a good lesson in business. Now you get to go back and review their history with the company to see what you can improve on moving forward. Below are the three most common ways a business can lose a client. Keep reading to see why and how business transcription services can prevent it from happening again in the future.

Failing to tailor your business to their needs

Each client has different needs and you need to tailor your business to suit them. First things first. Ask yourself whether or not you can meet those needs before you shake their hand and agree to do business with them. If you can, but are still wary of how things will work out later down the road, Forbes suggests having an exit plan. “In business, you want to have a clear picture of the end of the story so you can anticipate the plot twists and manage them effectively.” With their permission, record what that exit plan will be and have it transcribed for safe keeping.

Poor customer service

Have you ever been stuck on hold with an automated phone system only to get passed around from person to person? Or you send an email and don’t hear back from someone until days later? These are common customer service issues that companies fail to improve on.

If a client calls upset about an issue, be sure to connect the client with an actual person as quickly as possible. Make sure that you get enough information on their issue so you can reach out to an employee or department that can help them. Respond to emails in a timely manner, and should you be out of the office, give the client a heads-up in addition to having an auto email response.

Not owning up to your own actions

Let’s face it, mistakes happen in business. As in life, it is how you react to those mistakes that will make or break a relationship with a client. Hubspot gives some sound advice to business owners and entrepreneurs everywhere. “When you’re tasked with assisting a customer, whether it is a transactional support issue or a long-term business relationship, their problems with your product or service become your problems.” Don’t finger-point or get upset with the client over a misunderstanding. Admit your mistake and propose how you plan to fix it.  

How transcription can help

Business transcription can prevent losing a client because you have a history of everything ever said. If you feel like they are on their way to finding a new partner, go back through and figure out from the transcripts how you can make things right again. They’ll appreciate the effort and be much more likely to continue using your services. In a survey from NewVoiceMedia, they had good news for companies who go the extra mile to put the customer first. “For a company that provides good service, 66 percent of customers would be more loyal, 65 percent would be willing to recommend the company to others, and 48 percent would spend more money.” In order to continue retaining your clients make sure you keep educating yourself and your staff on customer service and following the above three pillars of great customer service.

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