How To Get A Transcript Of A YouTube Video

Creators often use video content to reach their audience; YouTube is the most popular video platform. While the visual effects of posting a YouTube video are high, you still may want or need to transcribe the audio portion into a written or text format. This article will explore multiple ways to get a YouTube video transcript.

Besides the ability to access and read video content, crafty marketers also recognize the SEO benefits achieved if you want your website pages to rank high on Google. Podcasts can be also an effective way to expand your reach and connect with a broader audience.

On the other hand, YouTube can automatically transcribe videos. However, YouTube creators that offer transcriptions usually add their own because the automatic transcripts aren’t always accurate.

Hire a Professional and Affordable Transcription Service

If accuracy counts, hiring a quality service that uses experienced human transcriptionists is the best. I wouldn’t blame you for asking, “isn’t hiring a transcription company expensive?” The answer is no. There are plenty of cheap video transcription services. However, you don’t have to sacrifice quality to find an affordable option.

Ditto Transcripts is an experienced, professional, U.S.-based company that transcribes projects for Fortune 500 companies, court systems, medical facilities, major universities, and law enforcement agencies is affordable, fast, and guarantees a 99% accuracy rate money-back guarantee.

Uploading video audio or audio files in various formats is easy.

A page on our website allows you to upload audio files in various formats. Or you can email us the video URL for video transcriptions.

  • Choose the type of service you desire. For example, we offer verbatim (where every word and sound is transcribed) or cleaned-up non-verbatim options.
  • Choose the delivery and turnaround time desired.

At Ditto Transcripts, our pricing plans for YouTube Transcription Services are affordable and straightforward. However, a few factors determine costs, such as the number of people speaking, the audio or video file quality, and how soon you need the transcribed file returned.

Additional costs include:

  • Timestamps and verbatim transcription are an additional $.25 per minute
  • We also offer same-day service. Call (720) 287-3710 to inquire and speak to a real person!

You’ll receive your transcribed video file when promised and to the agreed specifications, or it’s free. And we offer a money-back guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied.

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Video Transcript Within YouTube

a computer used for youtube video transcription

Google owns YouTube, a subsidiary of Alphabet, Inc. Google and YouTube are the two most visited websites globally, followed by Facebook and Twitter. Now you can understand why Google constantly reminds you to use the Google suite of products in the Chrome browser.

YouTube offers an Artificial Intelligence (AI) transcription option through Google Docs. However, the voice transcription feature in Google Docs works exclusively with the Chrome browser.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Open Google Docs
  2. Inside the document, find the “Tools” tab in the main menu
  3. Select “Voice typing,” located below “Translate document,” in the Chrome browser. You’ll see a microphone icon.
  4. Next, open YouTube in a separate window and locate the video title you want to transcribe.
  5. Return to the window with Google Docs and click on the microphone icon.
  6. Hit “play” on the YouTube video to begin the voice transcription process.

Since Google Docs uses a voice recognition feature, the transcription time will be the same as the video. Also, the transcribed copy’s accuracy isn’t great, so you’ll need to listen to the audio portion of the video to make any necessary corrections.

According to one website that examined the issue, “This handy tool does a fine job transcribing the video. It might not be the best quality. However, you can always go back to the video and make the necessary changes.” This is not a glowing endorsement. However, if you want to waste your valuable time correcting copy, this is your tool.

Transcribe Videos Into Audio Yourself

There’s always the option of manually transcribing any audio file or the audio portion of a video into written text. This transcript option is also time-consuming:

  1. Open YouTube and select the video you want to transcribe
  2. Click “play” and start transcribing by typing or writing the words.

You are correct if you think this method is how professional transcriptionists convert files. However, there are significant differences.

First, professional transcriptionists are expert typists, usually typing 80 to 100 words per minute (WPM). Experienced, expert transcriptionists using tools designed to increase productivity and speed. They also know tons of keyboard shortcuts.

For example, transcriptionists use a foot pedal to keep their hands on the keyboard instead of touching a mouse to rewind or fast forward through an audio file. Other tools professional transcriptionists use include high-quality headphones and software designed for transcription. Interested in learning more about the best type of transcription jobs? Click here.

Transcribe a Video Using AI Tools

Free online transcription services use AI technology and speech recognition software. Remember, you typically receive what you pay for, so don’t be upset if the quality isn’t high or if you invest valuable time and energy to correct multiple mistakes.

Welder is an online service that offers podcast and video streaming services. In addition, they offer a free transcription service for audio and video files. However, many features require users to use Google Chrome, as Safari isn’t a browser supported on the site. To convert a video to text on Welder:

  1. Log in to the site and select the video-to-text transcription.
  2. Drag or select the video you want to transcribe.
  3. Click “Transcriptions,”
  4. Finally, select .srt or .txt for the desired format.
  5. Use your transcript file in either Google Docs or Microsoft Word to post the written text alongside your video.

Finding Transcripts For Your Favorite YouTube Videos

If you want to find transcripts for your favorite YouTube videos, follow these simple steps:

Open your browser and go and log into YouTube

Locate the three horizontal dots on the lower right side and select “Open Transcript.”

A basic automatic transcription will appear. We selected the video “How We Lost the Cybersecurity War” with guest expert David King for this demonstration. Below is a screenshot of the transcript format. Note: videos with closed captions allow you to view a transcript.

Why Choose Ditto Transcripts?

Offering a written transcription of your YouTube videos can expand your audience reach and increase SEO opportunities. Ditto Transcripts provides excellent service with affordable rates and a money-back guarantee. If you’re not completely satisfied, then you pay nothing.

Plus, we are a U.S.-based company that hires and uses experienced U.S. transcriptionists – specializing in various industries. Each of our transcriptionists must pass a criminal background check and have experience in the industry.

What are you waiting for? Please take advantage of our free trial offer and receive a professional, accurate transcript.

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