Get found on Google – How transcription will increase your online visibility


For businesses or companies looking for higher visibility on search engines like Google, using a transcription service can help increase their online profile.

How will transcription help?

By publishing new content, businesses attract the attention of Google’s search engine crawlers – sometimes called “spiders” by search engine experts. These crawlers go through online sites looking for new content, and pick up on key words contained within the text to help guide their search results. So if a carpet cleaning company in Denver records a seminar they present on the newest environmentally-friendly carpet cleaning process, and posts a transcribed copy of the presentation, Google would likely show the content in search results for terms like “Denver carpet cleaning” or “environmentally friendly carpet cleaning.”

Although exact Search Engine Visibility (SEO) techniques are a little more in-depth (and worth businesses looking into,) it is definitely beneficial both for new and established businesses to create unique content and post online – after all, if your website isn’t saying anything of interest to searchers, Google will not put you in their results. In addition, new content also helps build brand credibility with your targeted consumers, as they will see you providing information that is both relevant and useful, and in turn associate your company or brand with being the “expert” in a particular field.

Google’s search crawlers can’t yet search through audio, only text. So if a company is just putting up videos, they are not reaching the amount of people (or potential customers) they could be. Placing YouTube transcriptions with your video helps increase a company’s brand visibility tremendously.

How does it work?

Businesses can record anything they want to post – annual meetings, conferences, conference calls, power point presentations, speeches – anything that can be recorded (either audio only or audio and video) can be transcribed.

Most transcription companies accept digital submissions either through an online server or through email. Saving the recording to a CD or flash drive is another way to deliver the material to a transcription company. Once a transcription company has the file, they simply transcribe and return the document in whatever form you wish – electronically or otherwise. The material is then ready to be published – in a newsletter, a company website, blog, social media pages, anywhere you want.

How can I get started?

First, find a reputable transcription company. Look at online reviews, ask for price quotes and ask for references. In our experience, native English speakers are the best at transcribing longer recordings with free flowing natural conversation. Outsourcing transcription overseas is a popular option for the medical field because of how rote it is. If a transcriber is a non-native English speaker they won’t fully grasp “slang” words, proper grammatical structure and other factors that are important to have a proper transcription without you having to edit it yourself when you get it back.

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