Crime Rates Peak in Summer – How Officers are Coping

Ah summertime – warm weather, lazy beach days – and crime rates in summer increase.

Police and other law enforcement officers have known for years that with crime rates in summer increase. Various types of crimes increase in the summer months, including theft, vandalism and more violent acts. There are many theories as to why – juveniles out of school, more social interaction in warmer climate, more opportunities for criminals, heat aggravation making anger-prone people more violent, etc. However the facts don’t lie, and police should prepare themselves and their departments for crime rates in summer to increase once the warmer weather hits.

Police departments should improve their efficiency to prepare for the influx of new cases. Transcription makes it easy for officers to breeze through interviews, interrogations, depositions, patrol details, investigative reports, video testimony, precinct meetings and more by removing the time-draining burden of having to type notes from these events in-house. No longer will officers or police department personnel be taken off other duties or be paid overtime to type notes or reports. By dictating or recording these important interactions, transcription companies such as Ditto Transcripts, LLC, can then quickly transcribe these files and return the document either thorough an easy-to-use web-based platform or by email. This simple process leaves officers free to continue protecting public safety, and leaves the transcribing to trained law enforcement transcriptionists. And departments will save not only time but money as well – using a transcription service is always less expensive than having an in-house employee type the notes.

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