College Fans Who Cuss the Most, By Athletic Conference

There’s nothing like an engaging discussion about college sports to elicit colorful language from diehard fans. Sports talk shows, from networks like ESPN to online chat rooms, bars, and coffee shops, provide a forum for fans to verbalize thoughts on college athletics. Based on a multi-year sampling of hundreds of thousands of fan comments on … Continued

Who Are The Worst Spelling Fans In College Basketball

Who Are the Worst Spelling Fans In College Basketball? A college education usually portrays graduates with a heightened sense of knowledge in a particular field of study. However, when it comes to college basketball fans, you may be surprised to learn which conferences and teams have fans with the highest percentage of spelling mistakes in … Continued

Is Your Transcription Service Secure?

Are you aware that many companies, including transcription services, can potentially be hacked? You don’t want hackers stealing your transcription files. So what should you do? Find a secure transcription service using the information below. Many clients, from Fortune 500 companies to medical professionals to lawyers and law enforcement agencies, require high transcription security for … Continued

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