Audio to Text Transcription Will Help Your Business

The beauty of audio to text transcription is that it lends itself so well to a variety of industry use cases. They address a fundamental truth. It’s much harder to mine that finished audio or video recording for the important information you need though. Whether you’re a diagnostician recording voice notes on a patient, a digital marketing company recording the views and reflections of a focus group or a police officer recording a witness statement. 

Your audio or video is extremely rich in data, that much is obvious

What’s not obvious is the fact that it is extremely difficult to extract the data when you need to cherry pick a key fact, date, phrase or statistic. You can’t speed read an audio file. Your certainly can’t press CTRL+F to search for instances of a specific word or number. 

All you can do is go back and forth trying to find the data you’re looking for manually.  We all know that’s not an efficient way of working when time is always money. Here we’ll look at some ways in which a human-based audio to text transcription service will help your business.

Improve strategic coherence

Your meetings play an essential role in dictating your business’ corporate strategy and making positive changes to your business. The inherently inefficient practice of taking meeting minutes can allow some of the insights and contributions in the meeting to become lost in the ether. Especially if the person taking the minutes has not received proper guidance or training. Even the best minute taker can get distracted or have a bad day.

Recording the meeting and getting it transcribed can help to ensure that nothing is lost and that all pertinent information is properly retained.  When you use our human audio to text transcription services we guarantee 99% accuracy and a turnaround times that suit your needs and budget.

Increase operational efficiency with audio to text transcription services

Using audio to text transcription services provides you with a document that is infinitely more searchable and parsable than any audio or video file, making transcripts inherently more efficient. 

Of course, cost-conscious SMBs might reasonably wonder whether it’d be more cost efficient to do their own transcription. In our experience, however, this invariably costs more than it saves. The industry standard for a trained transcriber is 4 hours per hour of audio or video.

No matter whom you assign the task, there’s an extremely good chance that there’s something better and more profitable they can be doing for your business instead. It will take your people 10 + hours to complete 1 our of audio or video you ask them to transcribe for you.  That’s a gigantic waste of time for your employee.

Trust your audio to text transcription to us so that your team can get back to doing what they do best. 

Reduce the risk of misunderstanding

When your audio to text transcription is done by an unqualified party (be they in-house or outsourced), there’s a possibility for misunderstanding. More so if you entrust your transcription to automated speech recognition software. Professional transcribers have a practiced ear and can pick out meaning in poor quality audio, differentiate between homophones, make sense of a thick regional accent, and transcribe complex language and technical jargon without skipping a beat. Automated services, on the other hand, struggle to achieve over 50% accuracy in the best of circumstances and audio issues or complex language can reduce this figure significantly.

A good audio to text transcription company ensures that no meaning is lost and the propensity for misunderstanding important documents is greatly reduced. 

Keep your data secure

Data security is a top priority for all businesses. And when you’re outsourcing the transcribing of your data, you do so expecting that your data will be kept secure. Unfortunately, automated services cannot provide this. When you use them you really have no way of knowing where your data is stored, who has access to it, or how many copies of it have been made. Third party developers may well be able to access your data, potentially from overseas where data protection laws are less stringent.

Our audio to text transcription service can assure full U.S. data law compliance (HIPAA, HITECH, CJIS) and even commit to an NDA for your peace of mind.

We also carry general liability insurance as well as cyber liability insurance.

Save money using an audio to text transcription company

Any business is made stronger with the right partners. When you partner with us, a high-quality, accurate and reliable audio to text transcription service provider, you can be assured of quality at the best prices. Most service providers are amenable to special rates and services for enterprise clients and / or bulk orders. Which is why many who use audio to text transcription services save money when compared to those who handle transcription less efficiently in-house. 

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