The Aha Moment in Q1 That’s Already Making My Transcription Company Money

Sometimes the answer to improving our businesses can be right there in front of us. However, if we never connect the dots, and have that aha moment, these solutions never present themselves in the full light despite them being at arm’s reach.

With traditional advertising efforts declining in effectiveness over the past few years, I knew we needed to double down on our efforts to increase SEO.

As I researched more and more about SEO, I kept reading about the importance of using social media for business to drive activity and engagement to our website. Like many small businesses we had a presence on social media, but it wasn’t a top priority.

In the past, I either did it myself or I had someone in the office doing it. We weren’t getting any traction from our efforts.


I was using my time to try to figure out what to post and sourcing content. When my efforts failed, I spent more time reading blogs trying to learn about using social media for business and to boost SEO.

Then it hit me, the aha moment, that I was wasting my time and doing the exact thing I tell other businesses not to do. I’ve always been a huge advocate of outsourcing the pieces of your business that are outside your area of expertise to free up time to focus on the things that make you money each day. In other words, a business owner’s time is best spent doing the activities they are an expert at and letting other experts handle the things they are as experienced in.

My company, Ditto Transcripts, provides transcription services for medical practices, law firms, and law enforcement agencies because they know we are the experts.

aha moment

In the same fashion as our clients depend on our transcription expertise, we needed to outsource our social media marketing to a true expert. I’m not a marketing specialist, nor are the people in my office.

I had been trying to just wing it with social media and I finally realized that wasn’t going to be good enough any more.

Since we turned over our social media to the experts at Social Marketing Solutions, my company has made some major strides in ways we couldn’t have ever envisioned just last year.

We started the year with about 1,500 followers on LinkedIn and Twitter.  We are now at over 13,000. Many of those followers are now visiting our website and as a result traffic is up by 50%.

Lastly, and most importantly, our profits are up by more than 25%!

I got out of the tweeting business forever and it was the best move I’ve made this year.

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