5 Must-Have Technologies Law Firms Need to Stay Ahead of the Competition

The competition among lawyers and attorneys is higher than it’s ever been these days. Combine the fact that more offices are opening up with online legal services becoming more readily available, law firms must always be looking for innovative ways to run their business more efficiently to stay competitive.  The technologies law firms need to stay ahead can change at any given moment.

The truth is, to differentiate your firm from others, you need technology that can keep up with all of the changes in the legal industry. It’s not enough anymore to run your practice on older legacy software. The firms that are in the highest demand are those that have the technology in place to run their practice smoothly and efficiently so that they have more client-facing time and billable hours.

Consider these five must-have technologies to help your law firm stay ahead of the competition in today’s ultra-competitive legal market.

1) Transcription Service

Listening to countless hours of audio is time-consuming, and as a lawyer, you have enough on your plate. Having an office staff member do the work for you isn’t an option. One mistake could bring along unforeseen ramifications. It takes a good listening ear and the tools to get everything transcribed in a timely manner.

Ditto Transcripts has a 99% accuracy rate along with years of experience doing legal transcription work. We provide a quick turnaround times for court transcription and deposition transcription with very competitive pricing that’s tough to beat. Our Dallas legal transcription page explains more if you are in the Dallas area.


2) Video Conferencing

As a law firm, you can extend you clientele by accommodating those who would like to use you, but don’t live nearby. Video conferencing software can solve the issue of spending too much time in the car commuting. The problem becomes how to maintain privacy and security, a legitimate concern.

With Adigo audio and video technology, you can host remote meetings that have private numbers for clients. Adigo has clear audio and video making it the solution to providing excellent customer service to your clients.

3) Practice Management Software

Practice management software makes life easier for any law firm to manage their expenses. Abacus expense reporting makes things more efficient with its real-time reporting feature.  Its rule-based power automation allows you to customize the software to suit your law firms’ needs.

With Abacus you can quickly see if any potential budget issues arise so you can address them before anything goes awry.

4) Client Portal Software

Having a website that includes a customer portal automates your firm, helping both you and your client get things done in less time. PracticePanther handles your calendar, messages, and billing all in one program.

You can integrate popular apps including PayPal, Quickbooks, Outlook, Gmail, LawPay, Dropbox, and more. With PracticePanther, you can manage your firm from anywhere and it’s HIPAA compliant. Having a customer portal technology like PracticePanther makes running a law firm more efficient than ever.

5) eDiscovery Software

The easiest way to make a name for yourself in the industry is to be very detail oriented in your practice. Harbinger eDiscovery software makes finding, collecting, and identifying electronically stored information a breeze. eDiscovery software that has features like storable tag windows, and multi-level filters.  Plus the ability to share your searches helps with the collaboration process and keep your whole firm on one page. Extra authentication features are a plus and your client will appreciate your respect for the sensitive nature of their case.

Today’s technologies for law firms make it so that attorneys can grow their practice by creating a smoother workflow enabling them to spend more time focussing on the activities that generate the most revenue for their firm.

Looking For A Transcription Service?

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