The Hellos vs. The Disconnected

For us, connecting with you through our more human approach is one of compassion, integrity, and responsibility. It’s an important strand in our DNA. Companies, departments and government agencies like yours are weighed under enough duress and the last thing you need is ignorance or unwanted hiccups. Understandable. 

When other transcription companies don’t answer your call, we do.

We are your answer.

Fast turnaround times. Get your completed transcripts in as little as four hours or prepare in advance for a longer turnaround time to gain greater cost savings.

Accuracy. Spelling, grammar and context all take center stage, transcribed by experts who understand your field well.   

Customized. We prepare your transcripts exactly the way you require them, following your precise rules, formats and templates.

Affordable. If we wanted to be billionaires, we’d be trading stocks on Wall Street and guzzling Pepto-Bismol. We believe everyone should have a good transcription company, which is why we offer-Cadillac like professionalism at the Chevy price tag. Competitive, transparent pricing is yours. 

Dedicated point person. This isn’t roulette, where some rando picks up your call with zero clue about your backstory. Expect the same Ditto Transcripts professional who knows the lingo to connect with you. Time after time.   

That human touch. All transcriptions are completed by hand and completed 100% by humans. Machines should wash underwear or make toast, nothing more. 

USA! USA! USA! The security of your documents is at stake. And that is a factor we take very seriously. By going with a U.S.-based transcription services company, we have a better grasp of the English language and pronunciation variants.  

Certified: We are HIPAA compliant. We are CJIS compliant. Another important box checked.

Every day is a test. In this case, it’s okay to pencil in the answer: All of The Above. 

Excellence is really about excelling to achieve your confidence to award us with a second assignment. That’s the Ditto Transcripts difference.

Ditto Transcripts Get to Know Us

Accountability vs. Whatever

Ditto Transcripts is the brainchild of Founder and CEO Ben Walker, a 12-year veteran of transcribing documents. Originally recognized as Ditto Transcripts from our start in 2010, Ditto Transcripts has put smiles on more than 25,000 customers’ faces.

With so many other transcription services seemingly ok with returning documents with mistakes, we refuse to do this. We’re different. Great companies, departments, government agencies turn to Ditto Transcripts and entrust us deliver accurate and timely transcriptions. That’s our secret sauce and we’re not giving up our recipe anytime soon.  

Our success comes from their success. And yours. 

Ready for easier, more accurate transcription?

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